Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Beers from around the world to refresh the mind

Who doesn't love beer? reading about the origin stories and flavor profiles of these 5 beers will make you go very, very thirsty.

Here Goes...
1. Desperados - The proud product of the France. Best known for being the world's first tequila flavored beer, Desperados is a full bodied lager enriched with an exotic tequila twist. The zesty flavour profile contains spicy notes and hints of lemony sweetness.

2. Affligem - Affligem is not just a world class beer, but also a reminder of Belgium's rich medieval history. Affligem, a double-fermented abbey beer is a glorious expression of true quality and rich taste. Every sip you take offers you the roundness of tropical fruits and a super refreshing finish.

3. Dos Equis - Dos Equis is a light, balanced and smooth blend of all the right malts, spices and Earth tones. It was first made by a German brewmaster, who, in 1884, brought his talent to Mexico and mixed it up with Latin traditions.

4. Edelweiss - It was first brewed in 1475, over 500 years ago. This age-old recipe has resulted in Edelweiss receiving numerous international awards for its outstanding quality and flavour. Two things make Edelweiss truly special. First, the fact that it is a very specific kind of wheat brew and second, that it is a true embodiment of Austria's culture.

5. Sol - Sol, a Mexican classic, is much more than just another beer for the people of Mexico. The freedom to choose and celebrate every day without pretense or compromise. When you hold a chilled bottle of Sol in your hand, you hold the freedom to be yourself. Sol believes in Espiritu Libre - You hold the freedom to be yourself

So, which one of these would you wanna try first?
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